1027 Solutions was great! They always got back to me quickly and kept me in the loop throughout the process. The staff was very professional. I recommend 1027 Solution.

⁃ Carol A

The staff at 1027 Solutions is very knowledgeable about the waiver process. They provide the necessary resources for me to help my mother.

⁃ Gwen W

My mother recently had a stroke. We were devastated. 1027 Solutions listened to our needs for our needs and helped us to obtain services for my mother.

⁃ Renee H

1027 Solutions is a true example of service without expectation. What should have taken 90 days turned into 120 days. They assisted my family from the beginning to the end of the process. I wonder if I could help my dad without them.

⁃ Naima R

Their ability to help navigate my family through the waiver process was terrific. Every step was explained in a way my granddaughter could understand. Their level of patience and professionalism is what I needed. Thank you, 1027 Solutions, for all your help in such a tedious process.

⁃ Rodney R

"Whenever I had a question, someone was always available to answer my questions or help with any problem. I would recommend this to anyone."

⁃ Helen M